Baez Party Productions accepts the following method of payments: cash, check, money orders, and credit cards- Visa and Master
card only.  All credit card transactions are accompanied with our Customer Authorization form.  Identification must be presented
at the time of authorization.  A 5% transaction fee is applicable for each credit card transaction. Taxes and delivery charges apply.
As a friendly reminder, only signed contracts with deposits will guarantee and reserve rented items or services
for your event.
Baez Party Productions is a one stop event production company that targets all forms of events.  From kids parties to glamorous
weddings ranging with guests of any amount. Our company offers various forms of entertainment and exclusive services such as
DJ Sound Production,  professional photography, exquisite catering and baking, bartending, wedding planning and much more!

From Key West, Fl to Orlando, Fl, no service is too big or too small for us.  Our rates are competitive and our services are

All of our equipment and rental products are delivered in the cleanest and top quality condition.  Depending on the distance of the
event, and the amount of guests, in most cases, delivery and set up are free!  We are one of the only party production companies
that offers this incentive.

Baez Party Productions....  your one stop event production company
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A special thank you to Concept Lounge Creations for the amazing promo reel they made for us from one of our latest weddings.  This wedding was held at
The Forge in Miami Beach.  For more information on Concept Lounge Creations, please visit their website at  
Concept Lounge Creations
Weddings, Wedding VenuesBaez Party Productions, Inc., Best Wedding Event Rentals in Miami - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner